China today-2

May 24th, 2010 — admin

CIMG4138Buddhist temple with two escalators up

CIMG4122Biggest bronze Buddha in the world (40 meters high)

CIMG4267Gondolas were invented here

CIMG4273Leaning pagoda

CIMG4302Banzai garden

CIMG4599Vegetarian restaurant near the Buddhist temple

CIMG4604Grand canal. 1773 kilometers long. Tag boats are pulling up to 9 barges.

CIMG4679Old couple in the Lion Forest garden

CIMG4688Tea house

CIMG4738Private residence

CIMG4754Flute at night

CIMG4781Canal with gondolas

CIMG4828Wedding at the lake

P1030187Theater by the lake

CIMG4832Theater by the lake at night

CIMG4831Night by the lake. “Overcrowded” China.

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